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About LoveChirp

LoveChirp is a fun web app for lovers to surprise their sweethearts or secret crushes with sweet, romantic, sexy, or hilariously inappropriate voice messages this Valentine's Day.

This February 14th, why settle for a standard card and box of chocolates? Why not give something that's more your style? Something that shows that you put more thought into your sweetheart's special day this year - or that catches the attention of that certain someone you're secretly admiring from afar. Send a unique LoveChirp for less than the cost of a greeting card.

On LoveChirp, people contribute 142 character messages, which bilinguals then translate into any number of other languages, and people with sexy, sweet or hilarious voices record them in their own voice or a impersonating a celebrity.

Lovers can then select any of these chirps (or create and record their own), and surprise someone by sending the message to a Facebook friend, Twitter crush or anonymously to a phone number which will ring and play the message.

How It Works

LoveChirp helps partners, friends, lovers, or secret crushes to connect by letting them send sweet, sexy or romantic recorded voice messages, in any language. Messages can be sent anonymously too, for those top-secret crushes.

Anyone can participate! How?

For those who want to send one of the special messages to their sweethearts or secret crushes, you can send a Chirp to one of your Facebook friends, or Twitter crushes or anonymously to a phone number.

  1. Create a 142 character love–themed message (142 in honor of the 14/2 holiday), which can be sweet, romantic, sexy or funny
  2. Record that message into a voice chirp in your language, or wait for others to record it.
  3. Once recorded, the message is ready for you or others to send to lovers or secret crushes.
  4. Select a Facebook friend, a Twitter crush or enter the phone number of your top-secret crush
  5. The recipient then receives a message, tweet or phone call that plays the Chirp to them.

Like! Heart! Love!

What if your Chirp goes viral? It can! Each Chirp is rated by the public; the higher the rating the better the chance it has to be sent around the globe.

Love is Free

Sending a message to a Facebook friend or Twitter buddy is free, but if you want to send it anonymously to the phone of a top-secret crush, it will cost you a couple bucks. That's to cover the cost of the outgoing phone calls, and hopefully even a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of wine for the team ;) We’re all bootstrapped lovers here!